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Speakers Overexposed and Commercialized

A great, right to the point article for other speakers out there – and specially the new speakers who are just getting into the business.

This is a good reminder that as speakers we are the experts on our subjects and we need to keep our content fresh, customized and to never become a “fame junkie”.

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Nifty Running Pace calculator

Make sure you are recording your pace correctly and you can use this to check the accuracy of your gps watch. Using this calculator my boyfriend gives me the accurate numbers now! hehe

Check out the Pace Calculator

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14th Palm Springs half 1/2 Marathon – Photos & Results

Hello there,

The 1/2 Marathon in Palm Springs this past Saturday was great!  It was a beautiful day in downtown Palm Springs, the course was zig zagging all through downtown and past many beautiful houses and wonderful landscaping.

Here are some quick links to:

Palm Springs page and photos

Rachel”s Pictures on Flickr of the Event

Palm Springs Marathon Race Results



- Rachel L Wade


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Couples: 6 Trips That Will Bring You Closer Together

Couples: 6 Trips That Will Bring You Closer Together

What a great set of 7 trip ideas that are for sure to rekindle that togetherness that you both once shared, and of course there’s nothing like vacation sex!!.  See your partner under a new set of circumstances and fall in love all over again…..enjoy!

I think me and my man might just consider one of these trips ourselves, I’ll let him do the planning :-),,20464330,00.html

Rachel Wade






Rachel Wade – Conference Speaker on Relationships


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Another reason not to eat fast food: McDonald”s Meat

How sad is this?  Things like this just don’t surprise me that much anymore….probably because I don’t eat this processed,ammonia laded food!!

Listen to this “….that the chemical, used in fertilizers, household cleaners and even homemade explosives, was also used to prepare McDonalds’ hamburger meat.”  Crazy stuff we add to all those processed fast food so many of us americans put into our bodies.  Rebel…Rebel, I tell you!  Switch to fruits, vegetables and lean organic meat.


McDonald’s confirms that it’s no longer using ‘pink slime’ chemical in hamburgers

Rachel Wade
Fitness Speaker 

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15 Foods That Will Power Your Workouts |

15 Foods That Will Power Your Workouts

via 15 Foods That Will Power Your Workouts

This article really gives you just the basics on the type of food you need to be eating. I know it’s targeted towards working out, exercise and running but these foods are what should be your intake for a healthy diet.  This isn’t complex!  These are all easy to find foods from almost any grocery store in the country and when eaten with a good exercise program you will be seeing results fast!  Plus you’ll feel better and with more energy.

I know what you’re saying though, yuck…veggies and stuff all the time, it’s hard to get used to.  YES, but you will become used to this diet in a few months, ween off all those processed, additive ridden, preservative filled, packaged goods along with all sweet drinks and get ready for a healthy future that you will be accustomed to faster than you think!    One secret to changing your diet to a healthy one is to get rid of all the sweets and junk food in your house….right Now!  So if you don’t have anything unhealthy at home to tempt you it’ll be soooo much easier – works for me!

Rachel Wade

Rachel Wade

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Starting Triathlon….Need a Bike.

I’ve decided to start competing in Triathlons starting next month at the Pasadena Triathlon at the Rose Bowl. There are so many men competing I figure that I’d better level the playing field!!!

BUT, I need a bike for the 9.3 miles of the course. I don’t want to buy a bike just yet until I decide which direction I’m headed with this.

Any local Riverside or San Bernardino Bike Stores want to sponsor me, let me borrow a bike for the next 2 months of training and to use during the event? You can put your signage on the bike and I’ll wear your name on part of my gear…Any takers?

Rachel Wade, Runner and soon Triathlete

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14th Annual Palm Springs 1/2 Half Marathon

I’m signing up to run the Palm Springs Half Marathon so I’m prepared for next months triathalon and an upcoming marathon after that.  Hope to see my running buddies out there.  I sure wish I had some coupon codes, would really save me some money being I run so many marathons each year!

Here’s the link if anyone wants to register for the event:

Heres the link directly to the organizers webpage for when you want to get your pictures:

Rachel Wade

Rachel Wade Speaker



Rachel Wade,  aka “Rachel the Runner”




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Rachel Wade Blog Feed

Just wanted to throw out my link to my Blog feed so you can subscribe if you wish using your feed reader:

Rachel Wade


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Pictures from the Skyborne run in Desert Hot Springs last weekend, it was a beautiful day outside and a perfect time of year to be running a half marathon in the desert.  The event was fairly well organized and now I’m looking forward to running in the Palms Springs Marathon.

Skyborne half marathon pictures

Rachel’s flickr pictures at Skyborne


- Rachel Wade, Womens Group Speaker

Rachel Wade

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