Rachel Wade - Professional Life Coach and Public Speaker

Rachel Wade is a professional Life Coach and Public Speaker here in Southern California. She coaches and speaks on topics related to Fitness/Weight Management, Business/Career, Women & Self, Education and Life Transition/Fulfillment. She works with both individuals and groups. Many of the groups she has work with have been Woman’s Club/Groups, Rotary functions, Kiwanis, Business Workshops/Seminars and Higher Education Institutions. Rachel is a Certified POP Coach with a B.A. in Psychology, B.A. in Music/Vocal Performance and a MBA in Global Business. Her greatest passion is to inspire others to live their Dreams just as she has done. Her life become amazing when she decided to step off the platform of "what others thought best for her" and jumped onto her train of dreams and ambitions. Now she is helping others do the same. She has a proven method of coaching and speaking to her audience that not only leaves them wanting more, but truly helps them find their dreams and passions. They begin living a life they love! Rachel has a deep understanding of the power within. She teaches her clients and audiences to use that power for transforming their lives into their greatest potential. She opens the door to a life that has unlimited possibilities.

Experienced Public Speaker

For almost 20 years Rachel Wade has dazzled audiences with her "from the heart" speeches. She has the innate ability to connect with her audience. Her speaking talent was discovered in High School, and she soon began speaking for Workshops, Business Seminars, Educational Institutions, and large audiences around the United States, as well as in Europe.

Female Speaker

"One of the best, young speakers we have heard for quite some time" - Rotary

Rachel’s Coaching Style & Speaking Talent

Rachel is a multi-talented coach and speaker. She has a proven coaching style, that is goal oriented to help her clients reach their greatest potential.

Rachel life coaches and speaks on subjects related to Fitness, Business/Career, Life Transition/Fulfillment, Education and Motivation. She has worked with many individuals and groups such as but not limited to: Woman’s Groups/Clubs, Rotary functions, Kiwanis and Higher Education Institutions. With her background in Psychology and MBA, plus a well seasoned life has allowed Rachel to draw on her variety of experiences from which she customizes her coaching and speeches for the target audience to meet their needs.

What separates Rachel from the rest is her caring ability to craft a presentation for your event that leave the audience feeling as if she spoke to each of them personally. She loves to connect with others and enjoy's breakout sessions to discuss the topic of the event.
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Rachel Wade - Professional Speaker